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A journalist sets off on his next investigation, equipped with  a 1908 Standard Folding Typewriter

- note the shiny shoes!

Formerly a design engineer, Richard Milton has been a writer, journalist and broadcaster for more than 30 years.  He is the author of six books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Says Richard, 'I bought my first old typewriter in the 1960s, to teach myself to type.  As a journalist I have been using typewriters for several decades.  In the last few years, I've become a serious collector of antique machines and was lucky enough to discover a historically important machine -- the prototype of the first successful portable typewriter invented in 1904'. (Pictured here).

'From this discovery, I was motivated to research the history of the Corona typewriter, but I discovered a much bigger subject -  the portable typewriter industry and its famous-name companies like Smith-Corona, Remington, Underwood, Royal and Imperial, which today have all disappeared.  This site is my personal tribute to those companies, their entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and salespeople, and my way of celebrating the passing of an invention that was an important part of my life, too.'

Richard Milton's books include

*  The Best of Enemies                       --
*  Shattering the myths of Darwinism   --
*  Alternative Science                         --
*  Dead Secret                                   --
*  Bad Company                                --
*  Do your own PR                            --



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    His web sites include

The PR Training Centre provides regular monthly PR training courses and courses in web marketing and web PR.
www.s-e-o-uk.com Search engine optimisation services for companies that want their website to be on Google and to rank high in search results.
www.media-management-training.co.uk Media Management Training provides intensive bespoke media training for senior executives who have to face the press.
www.businessplansexpert.com The Business Plans Expert writes business plans that attract investment and guides new ventures to market success.
www.freelance-writing-service.co.uk Freelance writing services for PR Agencies
www.windowsphone-news.com  The site dedicated to mobile phones using Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system and Metro UI user interface.
www.good-books-online.co.uk Richard Milton's fiction and non-fiction books
www.ministry-of-information.com A site devoted to the wartime Ministry Of Information and his new book, The Ministry of Spin.
www.free-book-download.com The site devoted to Richard's novel The Glass Harmonica. Click the link to read the book for free.



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