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Many people have generously provided help and inspiration for this site.  First I want to thank all my many friends on the leading Internet Typewriter news group at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/typewriters  This newslist should be the first port of call for anyone interested in collecting typewriters and collectively represents the richest source of typewriter  knowledge anywhere.  

I wish to acknowledge help from, and express particular thanks to: 

* Paul Robert of The Virtual Typewriter Museum at  http://www.typewritermuseum.org Based in Holland, Paul is one of Europe's leading collectors and an expert on Blickensderfers and much else.  He is co-author with Rob Blickensderfer of the definitive book 'The Five Pound Secretary.'  Paul also runs The Typewriter Restoration website at  http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Ecatch55/ which contains a wealth of information on restoration.

* Richard Polt whose site Http://xavier.xu.edu/~polt/typewriters.html is The Classic Typewriter Page and a mine of information on all things typewriter, as well as being by far the richest source of information anywhere on Remington Portables.

* Les Owen of the Landbee Collection at www.landbee.co.uk  Les is founder of Britain's biggest typewriter collection and is unfailingly generous with his knowledge and encouragement.

* Peter Weil, one of the United States's leading collectors and experts especially on the Standard Folding and Corona typewriters, for generously lending items from the Cornelia and Peter Weil Collection.

* Shannon Johnson, whose site at  http://homepage.mac.com/sljohnson/typewriter.html  contains a host of information about the Corona 3 and Corona 4, especially detailed serial numbers and production data.

* Darryl C Rehr whose site at http://home.earthlink.net/~dcrehr/index.html is another goldmine of information.  Darryl's interview with Otter Peterman's son, published in ETCera magazine No 11, June 1990, is one of the most important sources of information on the early history of the Standard Folding Typewriter. Darryl is author of  the book "Antique Typewriters".

* Dirk Schumann, whose typewriter database at  http://www.tw-db.com/   is the most authoritative Internet source for serial numbers of a very wide range of typewriter brands. Dirk has now produced an even more significant database of early typewriter patents.

* Thanks also to American antique typewriter expert Herman Price for his indefatigable collecting of serial numbers, and for illustrating his comprehensive collection of rare machines at http://hpricecpa.com/typewriters.html

Other key links

* Chuck Dilts and Rich Cincotta run the Early Typewriter Collector's newsletter, ETCetera, as well as an email newslist and virtual museum on their web site at http://typewriter.rydia.net/

* Tony Casillo runs the Antique Typewriter Collector web site with a regularly updated For Sale and Wanted list and other informative features at http://typewritercollector.com

* Mike Brown runs The Typewriter Exchange and publishes the quarterly magazine TypEx, dedicated to researching and collecting antique typewriters.  Mike can be contacted at http://www.geocities.com/typewriterexchange

* The early office museum web site contains a large number of illustrations of early typewriters and other office equipment at http://www.officemuseum.com

* Will Davis is a prolific collector of post-1940 portable machines, many of which are illustrated on his web site at http://www.hometown.aol.com/wdssbn641/page3.html

* Typewriter.be is a beautiful site designed and maintained by Wim and Guy in Belgium.  It contains many beautiful photographs of superbly restored classic and vintage typewriters.  The site is at www.typewriter.be



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